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Naizak Telecom use a number of professional, state of the art specialist computer software applications as part of the project systems design and engineering processes. These sophisticated, dedicated software applications have been developed as a tool to assist in the specific system design and engineering processes for the various engineering disciplines concerned. The use of these specialist applications are predominantly for system calculations for various aspects of the system design and engineering. Some of the specialist software applications provide a graphical representations in the form of a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing files of the projects geographical location showing characteristics of the system coverage.       

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
Conceptual engineering, consultancy and FEED work is one of our core expertise and activities where we provide our clients with developing and defining their telecommunication requirements and establishing the criteria of achieving these requirements.

Detailed Engineering Design
As a turnkey telecommunication system integrator, the detailed engineering design work is the core function of our work and deliverables to the client. Our projects are engineered to provide every specific detail related to the project in terms of drawings, design reports and design calculations. Each project is assigned a highly skilled engineering design team comprising of experienced telecommunication professionals. To support the design teams, a dedicated CAD/CAM design centre is equipped with CAD/CAM software and workstations to produce the design drawings in accordance to the client standards.       

Project Management
Project management is a key activity to achieve a successful project. NAIZAK Telecom has a dedicated department and highly experienced and motivated project management teams for this task. Each project is assigned to a project manager who handles both internal and external project scheduling, budgeting, and coordination using a wide range software application.       

Procurement of equipment and hardware is sourced worldwide via our dedicated procurement department. The basis of the procurement is the compliance to meet the customer’s operational specifications and final engineering design.       

System Integration
Naizak Telecom operates a dedicated custom integration centre equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to assemble, interconnect and integrate the systems based on the approved engineering design drawings by our client. In addition, our integration centre is fully equipped to stage full scale factory acceptance tests (FATs) and system Integration Tests (SIT) witnessed by our client prior to the shipment of the equipment to project site.       

Installation and Commissioning
As part of our turnkey responsibilities, NAIZAK Telecom has a dedicated technical department, that handles the on-site installation and commissioning activities, including system training where required. Our technical team is highly skilled and motivated and well accustomed to the nature and the environment of the Oil& Gas Industry. We can deploy our team globally to provide the vital support necessary for our clients operations and installations.       

Quality Policy
Naizak Engineering is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Det Norske Veritas under Quality System. We are committed to ensure the highest standards in design, engineering, project management, procurement, integration, installation, commissioning and after-sales services, thereby providing complete turnkey telecommunication solutions to our customers.