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Power System Products


Power Generation    

 Advanced Power Generation Technologies

  -Supply & installation for a wide range of generators including mobile power plants [5kW-20MW]

  -Home and distributed power generation units for various energy requirements. [ Utility, industrial
  and domestic/residential ]

  -Upgrading, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of power plant

  -Reliable supply of spare parts and products for generation units

       -Project Management, Supply, Installation and Services
       -Power Transformers up to 380kV
       -Shunt Reactors up to 380kV
       -Disconnectors up to 380kV
       -Mobile Substations up to 60MVA/230kV
       -High Voltage conventional and GIS Switchgears
       -OPGW (Fiber Optic)
       -Substation Accessories (Grounding Resisters, Arrestors, Insulators, Bushings, CTs & PTs)
       -Annunciation System
       -On-line Monitoring System (PDM, DGA, etc.)
       -Phasor Measurement Technology (PMU)

         -Distribution transformer up to 30 MVA / 69KV
         -Medium Voltage Switchgears (Vacuum & SF6)
         -Medium Voltage circuit breakers
         -11/13.8kV SF 6 Ring Main Units
         -Package Substations up to 33kV
SCADA & Control System    

-Automation and supervision of power plants
-Substation Automation
-Energy management system (DCS & EMS) control and command systems for power generation and primary network substations
-Distribution management system (DMS); control & command systems for distribution network substations
-Remote Terminal Units (RTU) for new & upgraded SCADA / Substation network
-Control and monitoring systems for water and railway networks